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Sarah Renee, Made on Purpose: Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach


Undeniably gifted since childhood, Sarah Renee has always been sensitive to energy around her. Feeling the presence of the Other Side, Sarah struggled with this overwhelming gift until her early adulthood. Shadows and intense energy loomed where no one else seemed to notice. Then, with a profound aptitude for her gift, she honed her talents and overcame her fears to step into her uncanny ability and purpose to help others.



Sarah Renee is an international psychic medium, spiritual coach, and best-selling author who has helped thousands of people get clarity and closure in their lives. Her process is simple but unique. Going into her meditative phase with her Spirit Team, she learns to trust what she sees without judging it, ensuring her clients get the purest and clearest form of guidance. She doesn’t argue or embellish what is presented to her, she uses herself as a channel between the Divine and her clients to produce clarity and insight for those in need of answers so you know you aren’t getting what she thinks you want to hear, but rather the unfiltered truth.


Beyond her one-on-one sessions, Sarah Renee’s coaching has helped people achieve healing in all areas of life. You’ll learn to experience the richness and depth that comes from honing your own spiritual intuition and developing your relationship with your Higher Power while getting closure from traumas and the past. Empowerment and healing are what you can expect from any of her coaching groups which Sarah Renee offers online, in classes, and soon in retreats.

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Enthusiastic testimonies abound in the form of life-changing events after a visit or phone call with Sarah Renee. Previous clients have gone from being stuck in a very dark place to moving to an exciting new city, getting engaged, or even getting a new job! Proficient, kind, and knowledgeable, Sarah Renee is well-versed in providing her clients the best experience. With this type of life-changing moment, you can expect a sense of community in the groups and life-long friendships to form.

Sarah Renee opens people to find their connection.

Take life to the next level.

Set yourself up for miracles.

Anything is possible.

Transformation happens.

“You were created on purpose.” -Sarah Renee

Sarah Renee’s latest book entitled, “The Blessings Book” is due out later this year. For more information on Sarah Renee and her gifts, check her out here:

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Elijah El-Amin, Actor: The Profound and Practical Dreamer


If you don’t know Elijah’s name now, just wait. One look at his actor’s reel and you’ll begin to see the type of high-quality acting that talent and hard work creates. Since 2016, El-Amin has shown an unwavering dedication to growing in his craft. Whether he’s on stage in a theater or in front of a camera, he has an uncanny ability to tap into raw emotions that leaves the viewer shaken.


Being self-taught on Stella Adler’s technique focusing on recalling memories and use of the imagination, you may wonder what profound experiences motivate El-Amin as he gives his powerful performances. El-Amin skilfully draws from his own breadth of life experiences and is also keen to emphatically experience the things his friends and family go through. When choosing roles, he often sees himself or someone he knows in the meaningful characters he plays. Seeing himself or his friends/family in these characters helps him to deliver authentic and emotional performances

His talent doesn’t just start and stop with acting, however. El-Amin is proficient in writing and producing music with emotionally-charged lyrics and catchy rhythms that leaves the listener torn between deep introspection and the desire to tap their feet. This multi-faceted talent’s biggest secret? The post-production process of any film is his favorite part. It’s easy to see why with his keen eye to detail and vision for the films he is in.

Coming from a talented family with creativity running through their veins, El-Amin finds his motivation and purpose through remembering his own parent’s journeys in the creative field. Whether hearing his mother sing beautiful songs in the studio or watching his father create a business out of selling his artwork, El-Amin’s imagination is always wild while his discipline in honing his craft is tamed. This combination creates an actor ready to take on challenging roles in any genre.

To find out more about Elijah’s upcoming movies and projects, follow him on Instagram: @elaminelijah or check out his website

Check him out in some of his recent films here:


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Alicja Polechek’s Sign: Gold, Ash, Flowers & Glass


Making eye-catching and impactful signs by hand is a lost art, often taken for granted, but hard to miss when done well. Such is the case with Chicago-based sign painter, Alicja Polachek. With over a decade of sign-making experience under her belt, Polachek mixes aesthetic and technique to create spectacular works of art with a purpose. Working with gold-leaf and unconventional materials like ash and flowers to make her signs, Polachek chucks the shortcuts and it shows.

Mentored by the highly-esteemed Los Angeles-based sign painter Ralph “Doc” Guthrie, it makes sense that someone with Polachek’s meticulous skill would excel at such a prestigious and rigorous program. Guthrie is a professor at the LA Trade Technical College, one of the few institutions in the world to still have a sign-painting program. It is highly-regarded and in demand by an increasing number of aspiring sign painters looking to make an impact.

An impact that Polachek is already making. Paired with a naturally creative spirit, inquisitive mind, and disdain for the conventional, her hand-made signs scream class and originality that doesn’t go unnoticed. Whether it’s a commissioned piece for a skate shop storefront or tattoo shop, or a commemorative piece for a couple looking to remember their wedding day, the pieces that Polachek creates goes beyond sign painting and crosses into the realm of flat-out art.

Alicja Polachek is available for commissioned and commercial pieces. Visit her on Instagram @alicjaplz or visit her website:

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Two Easy Ways to Find Inspiration


Inspiration, this magical creative and productive feeling, can consume us and make everything in life make sense — it feels like love. We are fired and inspired and everything our fingertips touch is magic.

Most of the time, however, it’s not like that. At least not for the many creators that I know. Sometimes it is more like, I don’t know, this cold miserable empty well where all you’ve got is a rope you can’t find and wet socks that stick to your cold clammy. The Inspiration Trap.

There is a way out.

“Creativity lies in paradox: serious art is born from serious play.”-Julia Cameron

I’m a huge believer in going on an artist date. Settle down, no one is getting romantically matched up with another uninspired artist to dwell in misery with, no. An artist date comes from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way and is a time you set aside every week to hang out and have fun and indulge your childlike curiosity. It’s important to do this alone and keep it more light-hearted playful than assigned and serious. There are some ideas for artist dates on her website here and range from everything from going to the library and getting CD’s (this is an especially novel idea these days) to watching clouds pass by. Be sure to bring a notebook in case you suddenly get inspired!

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” – Maya Angelou

I’m going to cut to the chase here — why aren’t you inspired? Take out a piece of paper and write down your answers. Not sure where to start? I have a sneaking suspicion you could probably start with the words, “I’m afraid…” Am I right? If so, what is your fear of? Is it failure? Success? Attention? Not being good enough? Listen, if you’re going to get through this block you have got to get through it. That means no messing around, break through these fears and really face them head-on. What will happen if you fail or succeed? What will happen if nothing happens? Are any of these fears more important than what you wish you could say through your talent? Write about it, paint about it, act like you’re fighting your fear in the mirror, write a song and dedicate it to fear. Then know this: you’ve got a song greater than fear and it needs to get out. So get it out.


Being a creative person is one of the most rewarding things you can be. The feeling of accomplishment of self-expression and of finding your voice and identity can be moving and rewarding.  Don’t ever forget why you started and why your passion is your passion. Definitely don’t stay stuck in the Inspiration Trap.

If you’re fired and inspired and ready to take your talent to the next level, Quixotic Creative Services can help you. You spend enough time perfecting your process and talent, you shouldn’t have to worry about putting into words everything that you do. Quixotic Creative Services helps creative people like you manage content for their website, blogs, social media, and print items, too! Click the Q? for more information!


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Sabrina Kay Photography: Provoking Change Through Dreams and Photos


Classy, chic, fun, and raw, Sabrina Ruediger, the photographer behind Sabrina Kay Photography is uniquely suited to tackle the provocative and challenging. 

Sabrina’s photography pulls inspiration from her various gifts ranging from singing jazz tunes to bracing her athletic strengths in dance. These varied talents have flourished since childhood and it shows.  Her talents effortlessly merge and flow throughout her work helping her to produce artistic images that shock and provoke thought, but also keep you looking. Sabrina’s wild capability to add softness to dark subjects is something many aspire to do but often fall short of. 

Self-Portait by Sabrina Ruediger
Self-Portrait by Sabrina Ruediger

Perhaps it’s more than just an artistic lifestyle that spurs the fire in Sabrina’s photography. As a passionate activist for mental health, women’s rights, racial equality, and the LGBT community, Sabrina’s work causes pause — self-reflection. Where do I fit into this? Her photography incites activism amongst those viewing it. Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder herself, Sabrina is aware of the depth the diagnosis gives her work though she will be the first one to admit she’d still be creating even without it. Her passion for causes affecting others on this earth is her primary drive to get her work out into the world.

This is best showcased in her body-positive, women’s rights work. In black and white photography, Sabrina channels a Francesca Woodmanesque skill to bring beauty and provocation together to get the message across loud and clear: Your sexist ideas about what a woman’s body should look like sucks.

Artist Statement for "Aren't You Jealous" by Sabrina Ruediger
Artist Statement for “Aren’t You Jealous” by Sabrina Ruediger

Enlisting the help of supportive friends, Sabrina modeled, shot, and processed black and white photos which powerfully tell the story of how women are subjected to sexualized norms in society. She is sensitive to the fact that though this work only features thin, white, young women the problem affects all women regardless of size, age, or race.

Professionally, Sabrina’s photography can take a lighter tone. Her subjects almost seem to live in a fantasy utopian world of beauty and magic. Perhaps much like the one Sabrina dreamed of as a child herself. Taking delight in celebrating the union of two people in love in her vintage lush style on engagement shoots or capturing the story and personality during a lifestyle shoot, Sabrina’s photography skills prove to be versatile and unflinchingly, unapologetically dreamy.


For more information on Sabrina and Sabrina Kay Photography, check out: or follow her on Instagram: @sabrinakayphotography